Police Rescue Kitten Trapped in Car Engine


An RMG News videographer was on hand in Arcadia, CA to record the a portion of the action at the scene as police officers and towing company personnel worked for an hour trying to free a cute black kitten trapped inside the engine compartment of a car.

The kitten made her way from the engine compartment and onto a wheel, then ran off,  but was caught by a police officer, who placed her in the back seat of his cruiser after being reassured that she would not be able to slip through any panels inside the car and end up in a similar predicament as before.

The kitten was turned over to Animal Control, which means she ended up in the care of the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, which handles animal control services for Arcadia.

RMG news writes:

“Arcadia PD and Jan’s Towing company help rescue a kitten that was trapped in the engine compartment of a car. After just over an hour the kitten made its way out onto the wheel and then started to run around the shopping center parking lot where an officer managed to grab it and put it in the back of his police car.

“Date filmed: July 31 2013”


bfkgkkgThis young female cat currently listed for adoption under ID#A333811 by the Pasadena Humane Society at PetHarbor.com looks like the rescued kitten and came to the shelter on July 31, the day of the rescue.






After viewing the rescue video today we went back and found this KABC news report on the story from the day of the rescue:

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