Pickle’s Story

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In a Pickle: Kitten stuck in a sewer is rescued

Was it a misplaced step, an escape from some unknown danger, or just kitty curiosity? The Michigan Humane Society’s Rescue Team didn’t know how Pickle, a 2-month-old kitten, got into a sewer in Detroit, but they knew they had to act fast to save him.

The Rescue Team was dispatched after a concerned citizen heard faint meowing coming from a sewer on their street.

The sewer grate was heavy and made a loud “thud” as Rescue driver Chris Ouwerkerk removed it from the opening and let it fall to the ground. The noise startled Pickle, who looked as though he was going to make a run for it further down the sewer.

Chris acted fast and safely grabbed the frightened feline before he could get himself into a worse predicament.

Pickle was brought to the MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care where he was given medical attention, food, water and a safe place to stay.

It wasn’t long before this curious kitten found his forever home.



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