Phoenix Burned Sacramento Kitten, RIP

RIP, Phoenix
Via Front Street Animal Shelter at Facebook


The story update we did NOT want to make. Phoenix was recovering from surgery for severe burns a few days ago, but has succumbed to his injuries, his grieving caregivers reported Sunday evening.

We posted just a few days ago in Phoenix the Kitten Heals from Intentional Burn Injuries that Phoenix, the kitten found in a Sacramento, CA driveway, burned and smelling of gasoline on August 9,  was doing well and recovering from his first surgery, staying in foster care with a skilled and loving vet tech from Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento, CA.

Good Samaritan Hector Munoz found Phoenix in his driveway, rushed him to a vet and kept him for several days but turned him over to Front Street Animal Shelter when it became apparent that his severe burn injuries were not healing.

Front Street assessed that Phoenix’s ear tips and whiskers were burned and he had a severe, large burn on his back and hindquarter.  Front Street was committed to helping Phoenix and got him the first of an expected series of surgeries to deal with the burns and their aftereffects.

The HSUS offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who committed the criminal act that injured the defenseless kitten.  Veterinarians who examined Phoenix were confident that his injuries were intentional. They said he was doused in gasoline and set aflame.

Front Street made the sad announcement tonight that Phoenix succumbed to his injuries and had to be euthanized.  They are sad to have lost the sweet kitten they showered with loving care, and are angry that someone caused his injuries and death, and want the animal abuser found.

The shelter posted at Facebook, saying:

“Front Street is very sad. Phoenix the burn kitty has succumbed to his injuries. We tried our best to save him, but his condition deteriorated.

“We remain committed to solving this case and we will do so with your help. We must continue to tell his story, we must demand better treatment of animals in Sacramento and we must be a community of people that refuses to tolerate such deviance until there is no more.

“The $5000 reward offered by the Humane Society of the United States still stands. Please help us share this story and identify the person responsible for this crime.”


Via Front Street Animal Shelter at Facebook

5 thoughts on “Phoenix Burned Sacramento Kitten, RIP”

  1. I so hate hearing of such tragic and inhumane acts that some idiot person decided would be fun or “cool”. Well it is not and I sure wish in such cases that the law inflicted the same pain and suffering on whoever was found to have done this. They do not deserve to sit in a jail cell with food and a bed. They are not good enough to be able to live such a pampered life.

    I hope they catch those responsible. RIP dear sweet kitten Phoenix.
    Tina & Tater

  2. I cannot believe that someone can do this to such a precious being. They are sick and should be tormented on the same way they inflicted the injury on Phoenix.

  3. I completely and totally agree with the first two posters. I’m not a violent person, but I would gladly pound the person responsible for this. and then kick them while they were down.

  4. So very sad to hear this…………poor baby. I TOTALLY agree with first 3 posts. An eye for an eye, an eye for an eye.

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