Pepper: Kitten Found in the Woods Gets Help and a Home

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This little rescued baby’s photo at Imgur was captioned, “Meet Pepper, who we just found in the woods abandoned, and is now on his way to the vet!”

Reddit user Odubj rescued the little kitten and gave him a home. He shared parts of the story online:

“Pepper was taken to the vet, and had a fairly serious case of ear mites, and a slight cut above her ear, not pictured on here, but is on antibiotics.”

Answering a question about the whitish stuff in the kitten’s fur in the pic, Odubj said, “It was ear mite larvae, and it was nasty, but the vet picked them all out and he’s on antibiotics, and will be fine. They kept him overnight.”

“While my wife took him to the vet, I looked for a good hour for the rest [for the mama or more kittens, if there were any]. I found a small hole where the kitten was, but there was nothing in it. We believe that the kitten was abandoned but don’t know where the mother and/or the other kittens went. We are going to keep a look out though.”

“Pepper is going to be perfectly fine, and we decided to keep him.”

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