Paramedic Revives Boy’s 9 Week Old Kitten at House Fire

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A 9 week old kitten that was limp and seemingly lifeless when brought out from his home following a deadly fire was revived by an emergency responder using a pet oxygen mask.

11 year old Parker Rawson, his mother and his 2 year old sister rushed out of their burning home near Troy Mills, IA but were not able to take their pets with them.  Two cats, a dog and a kitten named Wuzzy remained inside. The two cats and the dog died in the fire.

Parker was extremely worried about his kitten, so his uncle, Derek Rawson, entered the smoke filled building after the fire was put out and found the little pet. The family asked  Linn County Sheriff’s Deputy and paramedic Ben Brink for help with the unresponsive animal.  Brink took the kitten over to his specially equipped vehicle and treated him using a small sized pet oxygen mask.

“I think it was the homeowner’s wife who said, “can you see what you can do with this?” said Brink. “They said, ‘don’t let the kids see it’ because it was limp at the time.”

“I came around to the front and got my oxygen mask. I laid the kitty on the ground, filled up my oxygen mask and started letting him breathe the air and petting his little paw to get him to respond to me,” said Brink.

Sheriff Brian Gardner said in a news release that the deputy listened to the kitten’s lungs before it became more alert and rolled onto its belly.

Wuzzy came around after a few minutes in the pet oxygen mask and showed he was getting his energy back when he nibbled his rescuer’s fingers.

“They had a bad break with their house [which sustained serious damage] so it’s good that Parker gets to have his little kitty and have that to get through it,” said Brink.

“I’d like to thank the firefighters that came out that night and the police,” said Parker.

The family hopes to be able to return home in a few months.






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