Owners reunited with pets at scene of devastating apartment fire

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Emotions were raw as two women were reunited with their pets at the scene of a devastating apartment building fire at the Ashford Druid Hills Apartments in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, May 1.

Dekalb County fire and rescue crews responded to the blaze.

Caitlin Strischek was distraught over the thought that her little dog Marley may have perished in the fire, but her mood instantly changed to one of pure joy when she saw that he was alive and well.

“Oh my God! My dog! My dog is alive, oh my gosh! Thank you,” Caitlin said as firefighter Monty Adams brought Marley to safety.

The firefighter went looking for Marley as soon as it was safe to enter the building.

“She told us where it was and dog was sitting there on the chair waiting on someone to come rescue him.” Adams said.

Leah Seidell was reunited with her cat Sammie, who was soaking wet and covered in soot, but otherwise ok.

“Thank you so much. Thank you. I was terrified. He’s OK. I’m so happy,” Leah said.

Leah believes Sammy managed to get out onto the deck, where he remained fairly unscathed.

“He probably was just getting water on him but you know what I’m just glad he’s alive,” Leah said.

We see both reunions in the WSB TV2 News report on the story:





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