Orion’s Rescue

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A newborn kitten so young his little umbilical cord was still attached was saved when a woman heard him meowing and found him all alone. When she called for help a police officer came to the scene and rescued the baby, then took him to the shelter. The kitten will receive round the clock care with a foster caregiver.

Merriam, Kansas police officer James Browning responded to the woman’s call and retrieved the kitten from her garage. Kitty is in care with the Great Plains SPCA.

Great Plains SPCA told the story at Facebook, writing:  “On Tuesday, Officer James Browning of the Merriam Police Department responded to a call from an elderly woman about meowing coming from her garage. Upon investigation, he discovered a days-old kitten all alone, umbilical cord still attached, without his mother in sight. Knowing he wouldn’t survive on his own, Officer Browning brought the kitten, now named Orion, to our Veterinary Care Center, where he was immediately treated by our vets and taken for overnight observation and round-the-clock feedings by one of our staff members. We want to thank Officer Browning for his quick thinking, which surely saved Orion’s life.”

Great Plains SPCA is accepting donations toward Orion’s veterinary care over the next few weeks and supplies to go with him to his foster home.

Watch the KMBC TV News report on the story:









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