Ohio Cat Kicker Arrested

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Still shot from the Akron cat kicking video


The young Akron, Ohio man seen kicking a cat and then laughing for the camera on a video posted to Facebook earlier this month has been arrested, thanks to the notoriety the incident sparked on social media and coverage by local TV news outlets.

Outrage and calls for justice spread among animal lovers after the Ohio Animal Abuser List Facebook page posted the video (Warning – Graphic: Click HERE to view) on August 6, saying: “Roy Hill uploaded this video to his page Aug 3 he is from Akron ohio. It take a big man to abuse a cat. lets share and get him found and turned in to authorities! Thank you to a kind woman for the tip on this punk!”

Ohio Animal Abuser List linked to Roy Hill’s Facebook profile, which had very lax privacy settings that allowed a telling glimpse into his interests and character, and it was easy to then click over to the kicker’s profile from there. The kicker’s profile name is Solidd TheGasser, but he was readily identified as 18 year old East Akron resident Tre’vonte Mitchell.

A viewing of Roy Hill’s and Tre’vonte Mitchell’s Facebook pages provided an eyeful of photos of young men posing with guns. Roy Hill’s page is no longer accessible, and we no longer have the link to Martin’s and don’t know if it remains visible. Hill presumably recorded the video.

Newsnet 5 and WKYC both covered the  incident and the cat kicker’s eventual arrest.

Akron police said they were investigating the incident on Monday, after it and the kicker’s identity were brought to their attention, but indicated that they would have to determine that it had occurred in Akron and fit the legal definition of animal cruelty before making an arrest.

Akron police arrested and charged Tre’vonte Mitchell on Wednesday on an animal cruelty misdemeanor of the first degree, which carries a penalty of up to a $1000 fine and/or six months in jail.

WKYC reported Wednesday that: “Mitchell told police that it wasn’t an actual kick but that he just put his foot underneath and flung it in the air, but he did say he made a dumb mistake and is remorseful.”

WKYC also noted that: “Police Capt Daniel D. Zampelli doesn’t think it will get to that [the full penalty for the charge] since he has no prior record.”

In the police department’s statement on the case (see below), they note that investigators say Mitchel was cooperative and showed remorse.

A commenter responding to the police statement at the department’s website, Steve D., wrote: “Is this why on his Facebook page that he was posting comments like, “F*ck cats” not all that long ago? I saw it. He regrets nothing! Only saying that because he’s going to do jail time!”

An online petition asking for the cat kicker to be prosecuted has so far generated 7,464 signatures toward its 10,000 signature goal.

Ohio Animal Abuser List, the community of animal lovers and Akron’s news outlets did not allow Mithell and Hill’s act to go without repercussion, and they will, hopefully, contine to press for justice for the cat, who is thought to be a stray.


Tre’vonte Mitchell mug shot

Akron police issued this statement Wednesday afternoon:


Akron Police Detectives along with Law Enforcement Officers from the Humane Society identified and charged eighteen year old Trev’vonte Deaires Mitchell with Cruelty to Companion Animals. Mitchell was seen in a video that was posted on Facebook kicking a cat.

Mitchell admits that he and Roy Hill, whose Facebook page the video had been posted, were walking on Buchtel Avenue when they came across the stray cat. He does not know why he did it but regrets his actions. He states that the incident occurred a few days before it was posted on Facebook.

Investigators state that Mitchell is very remorseful for his actions and was very cooperative with them. He has been summoned to appear in court on August 15. The charge is a misdemeanor of the first degree which carries a penalty of up to a $1000 fine and/or six months in jail.


Photo posted online by Ohio Animal Abuser List on August 7.  Ohio Animal Abuser List had already been in contact with police over the incident.


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