Newborn orphaned kittens trapped in exhaust duct rescued

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Newborn orphaned kittens trapped in exhaust duct rescued


Animal Aid Unlimited, India rescued a litter of helpless kittens from a restaurant’s ventilation system, where they were trapped without their mother.

Th organization told of the rescue, writing:

“A desperate litter of newborn orphaned kittens almost died when their mom failed to return to feed them for over 2 days in the ventilation duct where they were born. Worried restaurant staff called Animal Aid to the rescue and [the organization] welcomed the starving, terrified tiny wonders with open arms.”

“Owners of a restaurant told us that they heard kittens in an exhaust pipe who had been crying since the last 2 days. Their mom hadn’t come back for them. 2 kittens were hypothermic and in critical condition.”

The kittens rebounded beautifully after they were cleaned up and provided with good care.

The video below, from Animal Aid Unlimited, shows the rescue and the kittens’ transformation from desperate, dirty creatures to beautiful, happy, playful kittens.


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