NC Woman Finds Her Missing Cat Using Robocall Petfinder Service

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SC resident Liz Dowell’s cat Romi slipped out the door a few weeks ago and went missing, but thanks to a petfinder service he is back home now. Liz contacted, which sends out robocalls about missing pets for a fee.

Liz called the company before, for a cat who was found deceased, and says that she values the closure she found by knowing what had become of him. With the past success at locating a missing pet, she turned to FindToto again when Romi got out and became lost. co-founder Krislyn Pool says the service has a more than 70 percent success rate for finding pets reported missing within the first 48 hours. Alert packages range from $85 for calls to 250 nearby neighbors to $875 dollars where 10-thousand neighbors receive a call.  Because of the automated robocall system, calls that would take many hours are completed in minutes.

For those cases where the service brings a beloved pet home, the expense is no doubt considered well worth it. It pays off in those cases when someone in the calling area has information and is willing to help.


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  1. Well I have never heard of such a service until now. With an eighty five percent rate of success that is pretty impressive.

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