Moses the Rescued Kitten: A Life on Video

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An orphaned little kitten is featured in a series of videos chronicling his development.

A Knoxville, TN couple took in a newborn kitten after his mother was struck by a car and killed early in April. One of Mama’s kittens was found in a ditch and taken to the local animal shelter. Later, the tiny fellow now called Moses was heard meowing from within a woodpile in the couple’s carport. The kitten’s little eyes were still closed and he needed help learning to feed from the bottle. According to his Moses The Cat blog, that tells his story in full, Moses was 4 inches long, and weighed 4 ounces when found.

He thriving now, and cute scenes from his development are seen in a series of videos with the little guy. Here are a few videos with Moses.

Moses eating before his eyes opened.

One of the cutest of the videos: Moses drinking from a bottle, the day after his eyes opened. Although the vet was initially “cautiously optimistic” about his chances for survival, he was already doing well by this time. The sneezing here is from drinking so fast; he does not have respiratory issues.


Learning to walk.

Picking up speed.

Moses and Lola.

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