Missing cross-eyed kitty is reunited with his family

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A cross-eyed cat with limited vision is back home again after going missing and being rescued when he was found cowering under a car.

Ozzie’s family spent days looking for him until they spotted his photo at Facebook and learned he was safe in the care of the Scottish SPCA.

Scottish SPCA wrote at Facebook on June 23, saying:”Do you recognise this cross-eyed cat?

Staff at Arnold Clark on Dunkeld Road, Perth, became concerned for him on Saturday as he would not move from under a parked vehicle.

The cat, who has been aptly named Arnold, is now in the care of our animal rescue and rehoming centre near Dundee.

When we arrived Arnold was very frightened and had a few injuries to his neck. He has been cleaned up and treated at the vets and we would very much like to reunite him with his owner if he has gone missing.

Arnold is really distinctive due to his eyes and also seems to be a little hard of hearing. We have estimated him to be around eight years old.

We are asking anyone who recognises this lovely lad to give us a call. If no one comes forward for Arnold we’ll find him a suitable new home. You can contact our Angus centre on 03000 999 999.”

Julie-anne Fotheringham recognied the distinctive kitty in the Facebook photo that day and wrote in comments: “It’s my dads cat he been searching for him for four days.”

Julie-anne wrote back and forth with other commenters, saying kitty’s name is Ozie and her father wold be picking him up in the morning.

STV reported on the story Wednesday, and spoke with Ozzie’s petparents, Ian and Evelyn McDougall.

Ian told STV: “”We thought after five nights, something’s wrong. We started to get a bit worried because he would just starve to death if he was on his own.

“He can’t hunt or anything. We think he’s got tunnel vision. He can see but not much.

“He’s no worse for wear. He’s looking very well. We’re just very happy to have him back.”

Ian and Evelyn McDougall pose with Ozzie

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