Missing Cat Turns Up a Year Later and 450 Miles Away

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Pablo with cattery worker Sarah Adie


Pablo disappeared from his South London home in October 2012 and turned up last week, making himself at home at a bank in Scotland.  The local branch of Cats Protection was called in to help and  a microchip scan located his family.

West Fife Cats Protection wrote at Facebook on October 12, saying:

“We’ve had a wonderful story this week we’d like to share, that also proves how worthwhile microchipping your cats is!

‘A cat decided to try make a home in the bank in Rosyth this week. When we were contacted, the cat was scanned for a chip. We traced the cat and found its owners…in LONDON!

“This amazing cat had gone missing a year ago, leaving its family distraught. They have been contacted and are over the moon after their 3 year old still remembering the cat when the Whiskas advert came on the telly as it looks just like the cat on the advert!

“So nice to hear such a wonderful success story!”

Pablo disappeared from his Brockley home a year ago and was found last week when he let himself in to a branch of TSB bank in Rosyth, Fife and made himself comfy there. The clever 9 year old tabby figured out how to activate the bank’s automatic door and curled up for a nap in an armchair once he was inside.

The West Fife branch of cats Protection took him in and found his family after running a routine microchip scan.

Pablo’s very surprised petmom Siobhan Campbell is quoted at Metro saying:

“He is such a character and a real survivor. I thought he had just shacked up with someone else.

“It is fantastic to hear the news. It’s fabulous. He is lovely, he is a gorgeous cat. He was a real king of the road.

“There might be a street party for him when he gets back. I am really looking forward to seeing the look on his face when he sees us and realizes that he’s home.”

Pablo’s family adopted him eight years ago when he turned up repeatedly looking for food as a stray. He is well know to his neighbors as a sociable “character” and even has his own chair in the home of one elderly neighbor.

Pablo is thought to have hitched a ride to Scotland on a delivery truck, and he appears to have been cared for by someone until recently. He will be flown home.








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