Missing cat reunited with family after fatal crash

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A cat missing since his petmom’s fatal car accident in August was finally found after 5 weeks and has been returned to his family.

On August 23, 25-year-old Kayce Chik perished when she lost control of her car on Route I-70 in Colorado near the Eisenhower tunnel and was ejected from the vehicle during the rollover crash that followed.

Kayce had been traveling with her three pets – two cats and a dog. The animals survived the crash and ran off into the surrounding wilderness.

It was important to Kayce’s family that they find her missing pets and bring them back to live with them.

For the next five weeks, friends and volunteers searched for Rido and Rado, the cats, and Chula, the dog.

Colorado For Lost & Found Pets was involved in the search and set up a All Paws Home For Kayce GoFundMe fundraising page to help with trail cameras and other supplies to aid the search effort.

Last Sunday, searchers got the break they needed to find Rado the cat when a Bakerville resident reported seeing a cat that could be Kayce’s.

Colorado Lost and Found Pets search volunteer Debbie Diver spoke with KUSA for a story, saying: “We were so excited. We were beginning to lose hope and we almost called off the search. I am so glad we didn’t.”

On Monday, Debbie put up a trail camera near the place where the cat who looked like Rado had been seen. Rado visited the spot on Monday and Tuesday nights.

On Wednesday, Debbie and her search team set out a trap with food and a piece of Kayce’s clothing inside, and Rado went right in.

“He could smell her, and he walked right in. I couldn’t believe it,” Debbie said.

Rado was renited with Kayce’s sister, Tori Ingle

“My sister would be so grateful and proud,” Tori Isaid, “and I feel so much love. I feel like Kayce sent him back for us, to give us comfort.”

The search continues for the other two pets.

“We are not going to stop looking. We want to bring them home,” Debbie said.

Watch the KUSA report on the story:


2 thoughts on “Missing cat reunited with family after fatal crash”

  1. this brought a tear to my eye! I am so sad this happened and so glad they have found Rado. lets hope they find Rido also it is scary because there must be a lot of coyotes out there in the wilderness. they must keep hoping..

  2. How heartbreaking…….I can’t imagine the loss the poor furkids are going through. I know they have only one kid back so far and I could see the grief in his face….I’m sorry for the family and their loss. It’s obvious these kids were very loved by her. I’m happy to see they want them and are doing everything in their power to find the other ones. I truly hope they will find them soon.

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