Missing Cat Murphy is Reunited with His Family After 3 1/2 Years

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The Scottish SPCA has reunited a lost cat with his owners after he turned up at a holiday park in Lochgoilhead, Argyll, three and a half years after going missing.

The SPCA tells Murphy’s story:

Murphy, a ten year old black cat, had been holidaying with his family in the Lochgoilhead area back in 2009 when he escaped from his cat carrier as the family were packing up their car to go home.

We originally rescued and rehomed Murphy in 2006 and he arrived back in our care after being found suffering from a sore eye at Drimsynie Holiday Village on Saturday morning (23 November). We immediately scanned him for an identity micro-chip and when they found one they were able to contact his owners, the Maloney family from Spateston, Johnstone, who were shocked but delighted to hear their long lost cat had been found safe and well.

Assistant Manager of our Dunbartonshire and West Scotland Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre Adam Downs said, “Mrs Maloney could not believe it when we called to say Murphy had been found as she had given up all hope of ever seeing him again.

“The Maloneys are regular visitors to the Lochgoilhead area and it was when Mrs Maloney was celebrating a special birthday back in 2009 that they decided to take the whole family, including Murphy, on holiday to join in the celebrations.

“It appears Murphy enjoyed his time in the area so much that he made a run for it when the family were getting back into their car to go home. The Maloneys have been searching for him ever since, returning to the area frequently to look for their much-loved pet.

“Gradually they lost hope of ever finding Murphy again. With the passing years their children grew up and left home and Mrs Maloney eventually rehomed another cat thinking she would never see her beloved Murphy again.

“We were delighted to send Murphy home with his long lost family, and he now has Mrs Maloney’s daughter’s bedroom all to himself as she has since left home and married.”

Julie Maloney said, “After a year and a half of searching we reluctantly gave up hope of ever seeing Murphy again so we got another cat, a wee female. She’s not too happy about Murphy’s return but we’re sure they’ll accept each other in time.

“Murphy has been really clingy these past few days so we think he’s glad to be back after such a long time apart from us and of course, we’re delighted he’s finally home.”

We strongly recommends pet owners have their animals micro-chipped and we offer this service through our animal rescue and rehoming centres.

Adam said, “This is another remarkable example of how important it is to get your pets micro-chipped as we’d never have been able to reunite the Maloneys with Murphy if he didn’t have this essential piece of identification.”


According to a story at STV News online, Murphy went missing when he escaped from his cat carrier as he was being placed in the car when his family was preparing to leave the holiday park.



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