Missing Cat Misty is Back Home in Time for Christmas

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Thumbs up: Battersea’s five-fingered cat goes home for Christmas

A British cat missing for half a year is back home in time for Christmas thanks to her unique big, five toed paws.

A lucky kitty at UK animal charity Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has been reunited with her owner from Kent and hitched a ride home for Christmas after appearing on the charity’s website giving a thumbs up.

Silver tabby Misty – who has extra thumbs on all four of her paws – was seen by her owner Richard Ray on Battersea’s website last week after going missing in May earlier this year. Mr Ray was looking to get another cat from the animal charity, having given up hope that he would see Misty again. The 12 year old moggy had been brought into the world renowned rescue centre last month by a couple who couldn’t care for the cat anymore after taking her into their home in May, thinking she was a stray.

Mr Ray, of Welling, said: “We are so thrilled to have found Misty, we searched everywhere for her when she went missing but assumed she had been killed by a fox. I was looking on Battersea’s website for a cat and there she was with all her fingers and thumbs, we knew immediately it was her because there aren’t many cats who can give you a ‘thumbs up’!”

Misty did not have a microchip like 90 per cent of cats that come into Battersea, and therefore could not have been traced back to her owners.

Lindsey Quinlan, Head of Cattery, said: “It is so lucky that Misty’s owners managed to find her, considering she did not have a microchip. Those distinctive thumbs definitely gave Misty an advantage for finding her perfect home, but we have hundreds of cats who will be spending Christmas at our centre this year. We are inviting anyone who would like to give a special Christmas gift to our cats to join us at our Feline Festive event this month.”

The free family event on Thursday 19 December from 4pm to 8pm will have a tree to put treats or toys under for Battersea cats, performances from Wimbledon Rock Choir, arts and crafts, face painting and traditional refreshments including mince pies.


Richard and Barbara Ray reunited with their silver tabby Misty,  age 12.
Richard and Barbara Ray reunited with their silver tabby Misty, age 12.


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