Missing Cat Found in Owners’ Donated Couch After 5 Days

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Corringham, Essex, UK residents Pauline and Bill Lowe were distraught with worry after their 10 year old cat Crockett went missing last week. The beloved cat was not known to stray and his petparents cold not fathom how and why he had suddenly disappeared.

The mystery was solved five days later when the couple got a call from St Luke’s Hospice charity shop in Grays, nearly 20 miles away.

The Lowes had donated a sofa to the charity shop and, unbeknownst to anyone, Crockett had been carted away in the piece of furniture and remained hidden away. The sofa was sold, and the new owners heard soft meows coming from inside after they got it home. Upon close inspection, the new owners saw little claws poking out through the fabric covering the bottom of the sofa, which retracted back inside. They removed a portion of the fabric and found the scared, hungry and thirsty cat.

After feeding the cat, they called the St. Luke’s shop to let them know of the little something extra that they’d gotten with their purchase. St. Luke’s called the Lowes and Crockett was reunited with his family.

“We noticed Crockett was missing straight away but could not think where he might have gone,” said Mrs. Lowe.

“He doesn’t go anywhere so I was really worried.

“The whole family are delighted to have Crockett back.

“He is a lovely cat and we were devastated when he went missing – our other cat Tubbs was missing him too.

“We can’t believe how he must have tucked himself into the inside of the sofa during the short time the bottom had been removed and remained silent for so long.”

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