Missing Aussie Cat Tubby is Found 150 Miles from Home

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Allan Bailey and sons Jonty, 13,  and Jordie, 11, are reunited with their cat Tubby at the Campbelltown Animal Care Facility.
Photo, Robert Pozo/ News Limited


Tubby was reunited with his family last Thursday after he’d been missing for two months and turned up in a city far from home.

Tubby’s grateful family members, Allan Bailey and his sons Jonty and Jordie, traveled 250km (155 miles) to Campbelltown NSW, a Sydney suburb, from their home in Orange when they got the call telling them their missing cat had been found. Tubby was at the Campbelltown Animal Care Facility after being found wandering the streets of Campbelltown last week. His microchip allowed shelter staff to identify him and send him back home.

“When he went missing I thought he might have been taken because he was a good cat and used to hang around the house fairly well and wouldn’t wander too much,” Mr Bailey told The Macarthur Chronicle.

“It was only a week after he was microchipped and desexed that he disappeared. As the time went on I started to have to explain to the boys that something might have happened.”

“I was absolutely stun­ned [to get the call about Tubby]. I couldn’t believe he was still alive and, even more so, I couldn’t believe how he’d got to Campbelltown. It’s 250km, so I was dumbfounded.”

Mr. Bailey told the Macarthur Chronicle his sons had been very upset over their missing cat and were thrilled to be reunited with him again.

The relieved pet owner is glad he got Tubby microchipped. “I’m a true believer now, it’s worth every cent,” he said. “When something like this happens and you get a phone call two months later it makes your realize how important it is.”

The family expressed their thanks to the city of Campbelltown and its animal services department for helping Tubby to return home.


Pictured are Allan Bailey and sons Jonty(13) and Jordie(11) being reunited with their cat Tubby with the help of Steven Austin (Companion Animal Advisory Officer) at the Campbelltown Animal Care Facility
Steven Austin, Companion Animal Advisory Officer at the Campbelltown Animal Care Facility, hands Tubby to his grateful family.


Jordie Bailey(11) being reunited with his cat Tubby




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