Miami-Dade Firefighters Rescue Cat Trapped in Metal Drainpipe

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A Miami-Dade County, Florida Fire Rescue crew used metal cutting tools to expertly free a cat trapped in a narrow downspout attached to the wall of a school building on Friday. It is safe to say that the crew saved the cat’s life.

The traumatised cat ran off as soon as it was freed.

NBC Channel6 South Florida shared a video of the rescue, captioned:

“After an extensive effort, Miami-Dade firefighters freed a cat that was trapped in a storm drain at Miami Killian Senior High School on Friday. The firefighters used all sorts of tools and instruments to try and pry the metal away to free the kitty before a drill did the trick. “Everything you can see is yours, Simba,” one man called out after the cat was freed and scurried away.”

The rescee was captured in this raw video from the scene:





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