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Matilda on the day she was found


Matilda was tied into a bag and dumped, was found and rescued, was rushed to the vet and treated for medical issues, and was featured on the news and at her community’s animal control department’s Facebook page. Today, eight days later, she has been adopted and is settling into her new home.

Matilda was rushed to the vet by Warrick County Animal Control of Booneville, IN on January 14 after a woman reported finding the cat in her driveway. Matilda was tied into a plastic bag with a knot so tight that she had to be cut loose from the bag before she could be freed. Her rescuers discovered urine and feces in the bag and could see that Matilda was in rough shape, so she was rushed to Liberty Vet for immediate medical attention.

She was determined to be a spayed Lynx Point Siamese mix of about 8 years old, and declawed on all four feet.  Her medical issues included: need for a dental exam, urine in her blood, UTI,  missing fur on her face and a leg likely due to a bacterial infection, with a possible secondary yeast infection.  She was given antibiotic injection and animal control was provided with ointment.

In their comments at Facebook, Warrick County Animal Control said: “She is of course dehydrated and freaked out but very sweet. She never made a peep.”

The shelter put Matilda on a six day hold to see if an owner would come forward.  Warrick County Animal Control is investigating the case and asks anyone with information to contact the sheriff’s department. They say that, unless someone saw something, Matilda’s abuser will get away with their cruel act.

Lisa Kulinski found Matilda and had this to say about whoever tied and dumped her: “They should get the same treatment that they did to the cat. There was no need to do that to any animal. If you didn’t want the cat anymore, you could have brought it to the animal control.”

Matilda was made available for adoption on Tuesday and went home with her new petmom Sarah Cardwell today.

Thanks to donations from the public, Animal Control was able to pay to have Matilda tested for FIV/FeLV (she tested negative for both) before she went home with Ms. Cardwell, and sent her home with ointment for her skin condition.

Ms. Cardwell updated Matilda’s well-wishers at facebook this afternoon, saying: “She’s at home an already letting some personality peek out. Even after a big morning of car rides, a new house to get used to and a vet visit she’s found the energy to eat and search out some snuggle time. I am so very thankful for the well wishes and the generous donations to her vet bills and look forward to sharing her story and progress.”

In just over a week, Matilda’s life was saved and has been completely transformed.


Matilda is already looking beautiful again in her adoption photo



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