Massive Effort Rescues Kitten Trapped in Sewer

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A couple were determined to save a trapped kitten’s life. Public works departments, animal control, firefighters, construction workers, private companies and neighbors all pitched in to try to rescue a kitten trapped in a sewer in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada. After many hours, the kitten was brought to freedom.

Conservation Boulevard residents began hearing cries Sunday night and couldn’t tell where they were coming from until Larry Wuerch heard meowing coming from the sewer early Tuesday morning.

Mr. Wuerch is recovering from a kidney transplant but, with the help of a neighbor, began digging to try to help the trapped animal. Both Larry and his wife Barbara felt duty bound to try to save the little life.


Meanwhile, as the men dug, the kitten born to a stray Mama caring for her little family in the neighborhood was moving through the system of pipes.

When the Wuerchs realized their efforts were not of much use, they began calling for help. A sanitation company was finally able to effect the rescue by putting a cable cam down the sewer and then flushing the kitten out so it could be caught by someone waiting at the exit point.

Barbare Wuerch tells in the following audio interview about the resce how she came to name the kitten MacGyver. She and her husband say they will give the kitten and her family a good home.

CBC interview audio report with Larry and Barbara Wuerch:


Short video feed from the snake cam used in the sewer:

Via CBC Canada News

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