Margarita and Her Kittens

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When Los Angeles based Kitten Rescue began a Kitten Cam broadcast from their kitten room earlier this year, loving Mama kitty Margarita and her little family captured the hearts of viewers.

A regular viewer of the Kitten Cam has created a touching video in honor of Margarita and her babies.

Margarita nurtured her own four kittens, along with other kittens that came into the kitten room over the six months she was there. Mama Margarita and kitten Mai Tai were the last family members to be adopted. They went to their forever home together earlier this month.

Founded in 1997, Kitten Rescue is a Los Angeles based no-kill animal rescue organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of homeless and abandoned cats and kittens. Each year, their network of over 100 volunteer foster homes rescues and adopts out nearly 1,000 cats. In April 2013 began a 24/7 live web-cam in a special room at the Kitten Rescue Sanctuary.

The original cat family to be viewed by hundreds across the US and beyond was born on March 13, 2013. The whole family was rescued out of the City shelter system. There were four kittens: three girls – Mai Tai & Mocha, both torties, and Martini, a solid black; the boy, Moretti, a tuxedo. Six months later, all have found their forever homes, including the mother cat, due to the hard work and dedication of Kitten Rescue and its volunteers.

Kitten Rescue wrote at Facebook on October 15, saying: “This past Sunday, the matriarch of our Kitten Cam room, Margarita, was adopted along with her last remaining kitten Mai Tai to an absolutely wonderful home. We are so thrilled for the two of them, though they will be sorely missed by everyone who came to know them while they were with us.”

Images in the video were all taken from screen shots from the Kitten Cam.

You can view the current kitten room residents at Kitten Rescue Live Cam.


Margarita and Mai Tai in their new home.
Margarita and Mai Tai in their new home.



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