Man Gets Probation for Killing 3 of His Girlfriend’s Cats

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Despite the case receiving widespread local media coverage earlier this year, a man who killed three of his girlfriend’s cats in separate incidents was given probation instead of prison time this week after admitting he’d committed the crimes.

John Talmo, of Arlington heights, Illinois, was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals at the Rolling Meadows branch of Cook County Circuit Court in March of this year and was held on $125,000 bail.

Authorities said Talmo killed the three cats over a period of nine months, between June 2012 and February 2013.  He beat and strangled the animals, but told authorities at the time that they died suddenly. Talmo also told police the animals angered him and said he lost his temper when they scratched or bit him.

Talmo pleaded guilty Wednesday to the animal cruelty charges and was sentenced to 30 months probation and ordered to pay $649 in fines. The judge ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation and to participate in anger management classes through the Cook County adult probation department.


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  1. This is beyond disturbing. At what point will the government decide to actually send a message to these sickos????!!!! Who is next??

  2. Obviously a psychopath who should be institutionalized. I certainly don’t feel safe with him (and others like him) out there walking the streets. What was wrong with the girlfriend, letting him get to cat #3? Or #2 for that matter.

  3. maybe she thought the first one happened as he explained it to the authorities but if there was a 2nd that man should have been in a world of hurt

  4. Someone should put a sign in front of his house to warn the neighbors to keep a close eye on their pets. This is a mentally sick behavior that’s probably only gonna get worse.

  5. And what was he already doing to the cats to make them bite and scratch him in the first place? He should have been jailed as he, like all sociopaths, is a recidivist. The woman is an utter moron and if she is still with this POS now, then she should have been charged with failing to protect the cats. Justice was NOT done here.

  6. This useless creature should be flensed slowly after being castrated. Mental illness is an excuse, never a legitimate defense. It is a 100% guarantee that this is only the beginning, and it will move on to humans next. Judges are all useless too, as they care more about rehabilitating these things, than eliminating them once and for all, for the greater good of public safety.

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