Man dismantles part of his home to find trapped kitten

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A lucky little kitten is recuperating at the Door County Humane Society in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin after a local man went to extraordinary lengths to rescue him.

Mike Michaletz spent four days trying to find the kitten he heard meowing somewhere within his mobile home, and went so far as to dismantle parts of the home in his efforts to find him. Mr. Michaletz first heard the cries in the overnight between Friday night and Saturday of last week and finally found and rescued the kitten this past Tuesday.

Door County Humane Society told the story and expressed their admiration for the kitten’s hero at Facebook on November 4,writing: “It is no surprise to many that working at an animal shelter brings with it many ups and downs, heartbreaks and heartwarming moments…but often everyone that works here comes together and is touched by the kindness of the animal lovers in our community.

“At 4pm today, a gentleman came rushing into the shelter with this sweet kitten, now called Twinkletoes. He is her guardian angel because for three days he heard her in the walls of his home and did everything he could to find her and get to her…even going so far as to pull out his wall paneling, fixtures and his bathroom shower!

“Finally able to get to her, he cut her free from the insulation in his ceiling that she had become tangled in. He rushed her to us, cuddling her to his chest and giving her lots of love.

“He is a hero!

“We removed as much of the insulation wiring as we could and Twinkletoes is now on her way to the emergency vet and we predict potential amputation as the leg circulation has been lost for a few days. She is a sweet, brave kitty though and deserving of all of the care we can provide to get her healthy no matter what the outcome at today’s vet visit!

“Thank you again to this amazing man for all he did to save her life!”

Twinkletoes is later referred to as “he.”

According to a story on the rescue in the Green Bay Press Gazette, Mr. Michaletz actually found the kitten tangled up in the insulation under his home. He told the paper he’d been working under there during the summer and neglected to replace the skirting.

Once he discovered the kitten all tangled in the insulating material, he realized he’d been hearing distress calls and not cries for the mother. Mama kitty was reportedly under the house looking upward to where her baby was trapped. Mr. Michaletz, who has two cats of his own, was aware of a litter of kittens being born recently in the neighborhood.

“He was actually in the insulation,”  Mr. Michaletz said. “His leg was completely wrapped up in the wire that holds the insulation together.”

The kitten’s leg was stretched out oddly from the efforts of several days trying to escape and from the cut-off to its circulation.

Mr. Michaletz freed the kitten with a pocket knife and rushed her to the Door County Humane Society, arriving at closing time. Executive director Carrie Counihan let him in and shelter staff worked to untangle the stringy material from kitty’s leg (see photo below) before rushing her to Peninsula Veterinary Services to be checked out.

When it became clear that the circulation was not returning to the leg, it was amputated at Luxemburg Pet Clinic.

Twinkletoes quickly bounced back following surgery, and was up and about on his three legs the next day.

Speaking to the paper of the rescue, Mr. Michaletz said: “Poor guy had to lose a leg but at least (I) found him.”

Once he is recovered, old enough and neutered, Twinkletoes will be offered for adoption. Door County Humane Society is accepting donations to help with the kitten’s medical care.
Video with Twinkletoes walking after surgery:

Video from The Door County Humane Society at Facebook:


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  1. What a kind wonderful man. Thank you sir. The baby will do fine without his leg. Hope he gets a loving home soon.

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