Mama Kitty Cuddles Her Day-Old Kittens

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Reddit user wonderfulllama, who lives in a village in Wales, UK, posted these sweet pics of her cat bonding and snuggling with her newborn kittens at Reddit/Imgur a few days ago.

Wonderfulllama wrote in comments:

“Everybody that meets the mother says how small she is, and her mother had a litter of two (she has a sister that is also quite small) so we assumed it was normal for her family [for her to have a litter of three kittens]. There were no complications and she took care of it entirely herself.

“We’re keeping one and the other two are going to a home together.”

Wonderfulllama says there are not a lot of cats in her are and she is not aware of any local strays.

Nonetheless, it will be Mama kitty’s one and only litter.




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