Mama Cat Won’t Dance With Her Kittens

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Mama kitty Kami is not joining in as her darling little kittens form a kitten chorus line.

Video creator and foster caregiver Doug Brown writes: “The “dancers” are left to right: mama cat Kami, Mutsu, Jupiter, Ambrose (in the back) and Elstar. Saturn was down on the floor dancing on her own, independent little love that she is.”

“We are fostering [the kittens ] along with their mum Kami for VOKRA – The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Assoc. who rescued this adorable little family from a machine shop when the kittens were just 2 days old.”


Video by VOKRA supporter and foster volunteer, self-described cat butler and cat video creator Doug Brown, aka DrNworb (click here to go to DrNworb’s KitsCats YouTube channel).

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Mama Cat Won’t Dance With Her Kittens

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