Mama cat who lost her babies fosters shelter kittens

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A woman whose cat was grief stricken after losing her newborn kittens found a way to console the cat while helping kittens in need.

Mikey’s kittens were born too soon and she was terribly upset  as, one by one, her babies died. Mikey is still practically a kitten herself at only 8 months old.

Mikey’s petmom, Hilary, found the perfect solution to console her bereaved cat while helping a rescue organization in need of foster caregivers.

Amanda Lowe fosters for the Houston, Texas rescue Dori’s Darlings, and had just gotten three foster kittens so young their umbilical cords were still attached when Hilary was looking for a way to help her cat and some needy kittens..

Amanda heard about Hilary and Mikey and reached out, offering to let Mikey foster the three newborns.

“This was just an awful thing she went through (losing all of her babies) and this will be healing for her,” Amanda said.

Amanda brought the kittens to Mikey, who immediately began to mother the babies, hugging them, licking them and gathering them to her.

The kittens began to nurse and and slept cuddled up to their surrogate mama.

The match-up was beneficial to everyone.



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