Maga’s Cat Immersion Project

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Facebook users sent pictures of their cats in response to a children’s hospital’s request. The pictures are now part of a multimedia project that is adding warmth and kitty love to a young cancer patient’s hospital stay. A heartwarming visits Maga as she is immersed in her little world of cats.

The creative-thinking staff at Seattle Children’s Hospital made the appeal recently at their Facebook page. I saw it being passed among my friends; maybe you did, too.

The project coordinators says:

“Maga is a cat-loving teen patient with cancer at Seattle Children’s Hospital. She’s had to be in the hospital many times, and during her stays what she misses most is her own cat Merry. We asked our Facebook fans to share their favorite cat photos with us, and got an awesome response — 3,000+ photos! We used these pictures to create this “cat immersion” for Maga — an audio/visual experience to bring thousands of “virtual” cats to Maga’s room.”

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