Luna’s Story

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Kitten Rescue Los Angeles volunteer Liv Covert is running for Luna … . She is running in the 2014 Los Angeles Marathon for Luna and the thousands of other cats the organization saves, helps, fosters and rehomes.

A Kitten Rescue volunteer found Luna lying injured in the road at night and saved her life. Kitten rescue spent $3,000 on Luna’s medical care, restoring her to health, and tended to her needs in foster care. Now Luna has been adopted into a new home with a very thrilled adopter.

Kitten Rescue told of Luna’s rescuein October, saying:

“A volunteer named Bettina caught a glimpse of Luna’s lifeless body lying on the freeway, in the darkness of the night. At first she thought that the kitten was dead, but a nagging feeling told her to go back and check. Her instincts were right. Bettina stopped her car, got out and walked towards the kitten. She saw her head move. Bettina literally stopped traffic on the 105 freeway, scooped up Luna’s limp, broken body and rushed her to an emergency vet.

“Luna had head trauma, blood in her urine, a fractured pelvis, a leg that wasn’t responding to touch and a severe case of road rash. In the wee hours of the morning her hematocrit numbers plummeted, indicating she had internal bleeding. The vets were able to stabilize her with supportive care. By the next day her hematocrit numbers bounced back up and Luna stood an excellent chance of survival.

“Luna is now in foster care with Bettina and doing very well. She is a very grateful, loving kitten. Unfortunately, her leg has such severe nerve damage that it will need to be amputated.”

Luna is doing very well since her amputation procedure, and gets around fine.

Kitten Rescue announced at Facebook today that Luna has been adopted. Her adopter, Shannon Friedman, is thrilled to be giving Luna a home and told us,  “I’m the one who drove 240 miles round trip to adopt!”

Kitten rescue supporters can visit Elizabeth Covert’s Fundraiser: Team Kitten Rescue in the 2014 ASICS LA Marathon at Crowdrise to sponsor Liz in her run for Luna.

Kitten Rescue, in a video by volunteer Sandra Harrison, tells Luna’s story here, with video of her healed and healthy after her recovery. Although the video is very recent, it does not include the good news of Luna’s adoption.

Liz Runs For Luna:



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