Lucky – a Survivor Kitty: A Look Back

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Bettina Markowitz created the touching and heartwarming video seen below. Lucky – A Look Back traces the healing journey of a sweet cat who has overcome serious injuries and now leads a wonderful life.

Bettina, who is a Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART) volunteer, first sent us Lucky’s story on April 19, shortly after has was found with severe chemical burns and ended up at a shelter. HART is a rescue group located in Fairfax Station, VA. They rescued Lucky and helped the injured stray to heal and to thrive. He is now a sweet and treasured house cat.

Bettina wrote back in April:

“Late Friday April 12th, a HART volunteer received a horrific picture with no explanation from a friend who is a vet tech at a Virginia vet clinic. The picture was of a cat brought in by animal control after reportedly being hit by a car. The truth about his injuries would prove to be more horrific.

“It soon became clear that this poor cat had been doused with acid and suffered second degree burns – at the hands of a human. His shoulders neck and the back of his head were raw and riddled with blisters. The acid had even crept into the corner of one eyelid. Most injured animals, when in that much pain, lash out at those trying to help. They can’t help it, it’s just nature’s defense mechanism for them. Not this guy. He was purring and kneading the towel the whole time his wounds were being cleaned.”

Lucky was given the best of care during an extended stay at the veterinary hospital, including procedures to close his wounds and to aid in the healing process from his burns. During that time, the former stray, who HART thinks lived on his own before his injury, showed himself to be very sweet, friendly and loving.

Lucky was released into foster care in July, and has been adopted by his foster caregiver.

You can follow Lucky at his page:  Lucky – A Survivor Kitty at Facebook

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Some of the first images of Lucky in his video show the injuries on his neck, and may be difficult to view. Most of the video, however, shows him healing and fully healed. His sweetness shows through, even in the early days following his rescue. Now he has the good life he deserves.




Via Lucky – A Survivor Kitty at Facebook





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  1. So glad to watch this video. I go to bed many nights in tears over what humans do to our animals but the last half of this video warmed my heart after the tears in the first half.

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