Lucille & Ricky – Kittens That Will Wobble Their Way Into Your Heart!

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Lucille and Ricky are two CH kitties being fostered for VOKRA in Vancouver, BC. Their foster caregiver talks about the kittens during a play session with Lucille.

The video’s introduction:

Kittens don’t come much cuter or sweeter than Lucille & Ricky and they don’t let having Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) get in the way of their having fun either.

Kittens can contract CH in the womb if their mum becomes exposed to distemper (Feline panleukopenia virus or FPV) and though CH causes jerky movements and a strange gait it does not get worse over time. In fact the kittens will improve in their movements with age as they get more used to their condition.

Lucille & Ricky will be a wonderful addition to any family.



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