Lost Cat Didsbury is Found at Botanic Garden

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A striking six year old British Blue Cat is back with his relieved family after a nine day search. He turned up in a most interesting place.

Didsbury disappeared from his home on Cranbrook Road, Chiswick, London, UK, on December 4. He was found yesterday in Kew Gardens (The Royal Botanic Gardens), nine days after he wandered off from home.

A Kew Gardens staff member named Sue spotted Didsbury (Dids) in the herbarium yesterday and at first thought that he belonged to her colleague Greg. When the cat was not claimed by any staffers, he was handed over to Grove Park vets, who returned him to his family.

“It turns out that Didsbuy had been on a very big adventure,” said guardian Elizabeth York, who believes that he walked all the way from their home in Chiswick to Kew Gardens.

Elizabeth and her family hired Animal Search, UK, which posted Didsbury at their website and their Facebook page, and conducted a search for the missing cat on December 6. Didsbury was spotted near Chiswick Pier by someone walking a dog last Sunday, but he had disappeared by the time his family arrived on the scene.


Elizabeth York says Didsbury is not in the habit of leaving home, and she estimates his ramblings covered about 5 miles before he was found at the Kew Gardens Herbarium buildings.

“Yesterday was a really happy day and I want to thank Greg, Sue and the staff at Kew Gardens, the residents of Chiswick for being so caring and supportive of our search for Didsbury, Animal Search UK, who left no stone unturned in Chiswick and I would recommend them to anyone who has lost a pet. Finally, I wanted to thank [local website Chiswick W4] for placing Didsbury’s story as a priority, it is thanks to Chiswick W4 and its readers that our family is reunited.”




Photos via Animal Search UK at Facebook.


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  1. LOL – I’d have bet against any other cat in the world being called Didsbury (P Dids to us) – named as he is grey and somewhat moody – much like Didsbury the place in South Manchester he is names after

    Our Dids lives in Brisbane!

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