Liza: Rescued kitten was born without her hind feet


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By Karen Harrison Binette

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Redditor Leyley904 is dedicated animal lover and foster caregiver who has shared many heartwarming pics and stories at Reddit and Imgur over the past couple of years.

This week, Leyley904 posted about Liza, a little rescue kitten born without her back feet, who was found with her family at a gas station.

Liza can expect to live a perfectly normal life, with only minor limits to her mobility.

Leyley904 gave some details on Liza:

“I stumbled across a family of cats at a gas station. It wasn’t until after trapping them that I realized this kitten has no back feet.

“Based on how perfectly even each leg is and how it’s healed, the vet thinks it’s a birth defect.

“The nubs are completely even, clean cut, and she most likely could not have survived losing her paws traumatically. They are a bit raw from walking on concrete, but already healing great!

“I called her Handicat until I decided on the name Liza.

“Liza is completely healthy besides her absent feet. My vet is going to call and talk to the orthopedic surgeon in our area and discuss Liza’s case. As of now, my vet thinks she is doing great and predicts that the only concern as she grows will be keeping her nubs from ulcerating, because she does still use them quite a bit.

“She uses the litter box wonderfully. Right now I have her on Yesterday’s News paper litter. As her nubs heal from walking on the concrete of the parking lot, I will experiment with different kinds of litter and see how she does. Paper litter is stinky!

“I’ve followed Anakin [the miracle cat born without a pelvis or hind legs] for years! My girl, Liza, does have back legs, just no feet. It will be interesting to see how much of a difference that makes in relation to Anakin!”

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  1. I have a handicapped little girl also. Most pet stores carry a 4 pack of pet socks. As long as the top of the sock is narrow, they will stay on the cat. I tried infant socks but the top was too large and they kept sliding off. Removable pet bandages work, just don’t roll them too tightly on the leg. They also make a pack of disposable waterproof cat socks. They are a bit expensive as they must be thrown away. Good luck!

  2. I also have an 8 week old kitten who is without his back feet. I’m wondering if you’ve come up with any ideas for keeping yours from creating sores where his little feet should be.

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