Little Kitten Nikita – Rescued & Adopted

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Little Kitten Nikita – Rescued & Adopted


Petdad and videographer Krzysztof Smejlis writes:

“My fiancée’s father, Stanislaw, found a kitten at the place where he works as a night watchman. She was just five weeks old and barely alive. He fed her warm milk from an empty pen and called us, and we were happy to help. We bottle-fed her every three or four hours and rubbed her stomach with wet toilet paper to train her. We named her Nikita because we’re big fans of the TV show, La Femme Nikita. After a month, we introduced her to my other cat, and while Bobo let Nikita know who was boss, everything went fine.”

Nikita has grown to become a healthy, happy, energetic and highly vocal cat with mad jumping skills and an inspiring joie de vivre. Nikita and Bobo are great playmates and friends.

Here is some heartwarming and adorable previously unseen footage from Nikita’s early days. She was already a playful little scamp!

Video by Krzysztof Smejlis

See more of Krzysztof’s videos with Nikita and Bobo at our site HERE.

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  1. Nikita’s soundtrack is a riot – worth going to YouTube to check out the rest of her videos. She makes all kinds of crazy noises.

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