Let’s Play Bully Cat

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Furball Fables video creator Chase Holiday usually focuses on the good and the positives in life with the video series featuring her wonderful cats, Merlin, Fairy Princess, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi. With this new video, though, we learn that life is not 100% perfect in the Furball household. One cat, Yogi, though an otherwise sweet boy, bullies two of the other cats.

Chase explains in a related post (We recommend visiting the site and reading it in full) at the Furball Fables blog site, saying “We know we are not the only household with a bully cat, so we are going to release a few video’s on this subject.

“[Yogi] does not actually attack [his victims] Fairy and Elfin, but mostly takes a swipe or chases them. However he does stalk the litterbox and this is a real problem because now we have cats peeing outside the box. Stay tuned as we try to solve this problem.”

Here’s Yogi demonstrating his less than perfect side …

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