Lacey and CocoPuff’s Rescue Journey

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A sweet kitten and puppy who began their lives together in foster care are still best friends, happy in their forever home.

We shared the story of a little orphaned kitten and puppy who bonded with one another on March 1, 2013, with Lacey and Cocopuff: Orphaned Puppy and Kitten Are Loving Companions.

Lacey and CocoPuff,’s two young lives were saved by Laura Hawthorne, one of Los Angeles rescue group Kitten Rescue’s dedicated volunteers. Lacey the miniature poodle puppy and CocoPuff the soft orange colored kitten were orphaned babies who bonded as loving foster littermates.

Lacey’s mom and siblings died during labor at the pound and Coco Puff was found all by himself in a parking garage.

Laura Hawthorne and Kitten Rescue provided a safe and nurturing environment for the sweet pair, who cuddled together even before their eyes were opened, and whose first sight was of one another.

On the day they were offered for adoption, Lacey and CocoPuff were adopted together and joined a household with another rescued dog.

Here is their story, updated to show them growing up in their happy forever home.


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