Kitty Marshy Visits Baby Brothers

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Marshmallow – or Marshy – grew up in front of our eyes in a series of videos. Now she is a big girl and she meets her kitten half-siblings for the first time.

First meetings. You never know how things will pan out when you first meet someone. Jumbo Pillow and Tiger’s 3 kittens turned 3 months old here, and got to meet their half-sister, Marshmallow, in the comfort of their kitten room for the first time.

Prior to this meeting, we tried to acclimate them to one another through scent and encounters separated by a physical barrier like a gate or door.

During the first meeting, we tried to temper the excitement and anxiety of meeting a stranger by introducing them to one another through something that they all enjoy: playtime. It didn’t go as smoothly as planned as there were still episodes of tension with hissing fits especially between Ducky and Marshy. But within 1-2 days of supervised visits, Marshy and her half-brothers are getting along much better.

More pictures at SweetFurr’s blog: Kittens Meet Their Half Sister Marshy.



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