Kittens Trapped Behind a Wall are Rescued

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Michigan Humane Society rescue officer Chris Ouwerkerk pulls a trapped kitten out of a wall.


A homeowner who called the shelter about six trapped or missing kittens allowed a wall in her home to be partially dismantled in order to save the babies. The unnamed woman was willing to let the Michigan Humane Society rescue officer do what was necessary to save the kittens.

Three kittens were rescued when the homeowner’s interior wall was partially dismantled to save them.  Another three kittens – thought to have perished in the wall – were found alive out behind the homeowner’s garage four days later.

The third kitten pulled from within the wall did not survive, but the other five kittens are with their Mama kitty and will remain together in foster care until they are ready for adoption.

The three kittens found behind the garage had been moved there by Mama kitty before she and the wall kittens were taken to the Michigan Humane Society shelter.  Mama kitty immediately began to lavish care on the garage kittens when they were reunited with her.  The Humane Society says the kittens are doing well despite being on their own for four days.

Chris Ouwerkerk, rescue driver for the Michigan Humane Society, made the rescue and tells the story in the video below.


The first kitten is rescued


The second kitten is pulled from the wall


Chris and kitten number two


Chris pulls a third kitten from another section of wall. This kitten had a low body temp and did not survive for long.


Mama and her babies at the shelter after their rescue from the wall.


The homeowner who allowed her wall to be partially dismantled to save the kittens meets Chris with kittens number four, five, and six from the litter. The woman found these three behind her garage after hearing their meows.


The second group of kittens are active and  vocal as they leave to be reunited with their mother and siblings at the shelter.


The garage kittens are checked out at the shelter.


Mama sees her missing kittens again after four days.


Mama welcomes her babies.





 See the rescue as Chris Chris Ouwerkerk tells the story:

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