Kittens That Disrupted Brooklyn NY Subway Service are Safely Removed from Tracks

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A story that was covered across New York media outlets and beyond had a happy resolution as two kittens whose presence disrupted subway service in Brooklyn for a couple of hours today were finally found and removed in cat carriers early this evening.

After people spotted the kittens on the tracks in the Church Avenue subway station in Brooklyn  this morning there followed two hours of suspensions on the B and Q subway lines by the MTA while workers searched for them.

They were not found during the search.

Video from the scene shows the kittens  racing up and down the tracks near the third rail around midday.

The MTA shut off power to the area so workers could go down and try to coax the kittens into carriers.

Bystanders waiting for their trains offered to help but were refused by MTA safety concerns.

According to the Daily News, an “MTA spokeswoman said that the kittens’ owner reported to the authority that they were loose on the tracks and even brought food to the station to coax them out of hiding,” but “A transit worker at the scene, however, said it was a cat lover who spotted a photo of the kittens on Twitter who came by with food.”

At 5pm the kittens were still running loose around the tracks at the station.

Early this evening the kittens were spotted under the third rail of an express track and police officers removed them from the subway tunnel in crates, an MTA spokesperson reported.

Officials said workers and passengers had kept an eye out for the kittens all day and train operators had been asked to proceed with caution. If operators saw anything moving on the tracks, they were required to stop and notify the rail control center.

While train service was disrupted passengers were offered shuttle service to other Brooklyn subway stations.

There has been no official word yet on where the kittens were taken after being removed from the tracks.


WABC-TV news report:

While this report suggests that subway riders were opposed to the service delay, other media reports include comments from people who felt it was the right thing to do.


Raw video from the scene earlier in the day:


Photo/Metropolitan Transit Authority

2 thoughts on “Kittens That Disrupted Brooklyn NY Subway Service are Safely Removed from Tracks”

  1. Wow u are really right on the moment with the Subway Kittens! I saw it just this morning in the News and u already have it!! I used to live in Brooklyn and know that stop!
    What appropriate and beautiful advocacy and actions were shown for these kittens!! Thank God for kindness in this crazy world. Excellent coverage and always love your site. With love for the animals I salute you! Suzi

  2. I was pleased to see the authorities setting the example, and also to see the widespread local coverage on the story. EVERYbody including the NYT followed it.
    Thanks so much, as always, for your very kind words Suzi ♥

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