Kittens Saved From Dumpster Are Safe At Rescue Center

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Three Kittens rescued from a dumpster on a very hot day are safe and getting a fresh start in life thanks to Good Samaritans and the organization that took them in.

The kittens were found last Friday in a dumpster at the California Road Business Center in Richland Township, in Bucks County, PA. The kittens were in danger not only from their vulnerable position in the trash, but also from the extreme temperatures and humidity of a summer heat wave.

Representatives of the business center contacted Last Chance Ranch animal Rescue, which agreed to take the kittens. The kittens appear to have been saved before their health was severely impacted, and the rescue center plans to make them available for adoption after they’ve been tested and spayed/neutered. Thanks to local publicity, potential adopters have already expressed interest in the kittens. One news report says that a local business plans to keep one of the kittens as an office mascot.

Last Chance Ranch representative Chris Baringer said yesterday, “With the heat these past few days, a dumpster can quickly become an oven, killing the kittens in minutes, not to mention the trash that could have crushed them. These kittens were in such a desperate state we could not turn our backs.”

Richland, PA authorities are investigating and have asked the public to contact if they have information on who may have owned or dumped the kittens.


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  1. Thank goodness that these little kitties were rescued. I hope that they great homes and live long, healthy and happy lives.

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