Kitten with neurological issues gets help

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Animal shelter staffers helping a malnourished kitten came to realize that the wobbly little boy has neurological issues, and are helping him to gain better control of his movements, while customizing his environment for his safety and ease of use.

Doc Brown

A fluffy long-haired black kitten named Doc Brown was malnourished and wobbly when he was brought to the shelter at Animal Humane New Mexico, in Albuquerque, a few weeks ago.

“He weighed about half of what he should weigh for a healthy kitten his age,” said Brian Galloway, AHNM’s foster care manager.

Doc Brown got hourly feedings and, after making it through his first night, started putting on weight. He remained wobbly though, and shelter staff realized he had issues beyond his malnourishment.

Galloway says Doc Brown has intention tremors. Anytime the kitten tries to do something intentionally, his body does something different.

Doc Brown gets therapeutic session walking with the support of a ferret harness to help with muscle strength and coordination.We can see in the video below that the kitten’s mobility is improved when he is in the harness, being guided by shelter staff.

Maintenance crews have customized his food and water bowls for his safety and convenience, and now he can drink on his own.

Galloway says that with continued work and special attention, Doc Brown can have a great life.

“He’s not just going to lay down and give up, he’s fighting, so we’re going to fight for him,” Galloway said.

Doc Brown will be available for adoption in three or four weeks, and his harness and bowls will go with him to his new home.

Watch the KRQE Channel 13 News report on Doc Brown:



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