Kitten Takes 100 mi. Ride in Car Bumper: Ends Up Getting a Home

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Pumpkin took a 100 mile ride along secondary roads that was spread over 22 hours, as she stayed trapped in the car’s bumper when Stacey Pulsifer attended a wedding recently. Stacy drove from her home in Plattsburgh, in Upstate New York, to Elizabethtown in the Adirondacks, then back home again to her apartment. When she stopped for coffee along the way Stacey heard meowing coming from her Jeep and realized she had a little hitchhiker.

Stacey and some friends made a search of the Jeep and located the kitten wedged behind the bumper, with her little paw stuck through and hanging 6 inches above the ground. The rescue team had to cut the kitten free from the bumper to release her.

Stacey had previously seen the young kitten on her porch, but kitty ran off when she tried to get her to come to her. She has adopted the kitten and named her Pumpkin. Pumpkin’s ears were burned and a paw was broken during her ordeal. The vet says he may have to amputate a leg, but Pumpkin is healthy and expected to recover well. Because of her unplanned journey, she is safe and well cared for now.

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