Kitten stuck between massive boulders is rescued

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Photos via Friends of Johnston Animal Control at Facebook.


A tiny flea riddled white kitten became wedged between two massive construction boulders in a Johnston, Rhode Island resident’s yard Tuesday and was rescued in a joint effort by police animal control and the fire department, who employed the jaws of life to help set him free.

Johnston police and animal control officer Erin Madeiros saw to it that the kitten was kept calm and was freed from the impossibly tight spot.

Friends of Johnston Animal Control shared photos to Facebook Tuesday, writing:

“What an incredibly hectic but amazing day saved multiple dogs but this kitten know known as Stunner which means miracle topped the list! Ty you to JFD and the jaws of life in helping me save him also Ty Julie Ring for taking him no questions asked love you all.”

The homeowner had the day off from work and was out in the yard Tuesday when they heard the kitten’s cries and called for help. The animal officer had no way to free the wedged kitten and sought assistance from the fire department. The Johnston fire department used the jaws of life apparatus to separate the massive stones and save the kitten. Officer Madeiros reached in and grabbed the kitten when the boulders were pried apart.

Kitty was understandably very upset while he was stuck and during the rescue but was soothed when his rescuers petted him to help him stay calm. Adding to his distress, Rhode Island was experiencing a late summer heatwave with temperatures that were difficult to endure.

Afterward, kitty was checked out and had a bath because he was covered in fleas. He was given fluids for dehydration and, other than an injured paw, he was ok following the ordeal. Once he was cleaned up, kitty was seen to be incredibly cute and fluffy white.

Animal Control already has a great home lined up for the kitten.

Members of the community have been giving their thanks to AC Officer Medeiros and everyone who helped with the kitten, who is being called Soldier.

A feature in the Johnston Patch tells more on the story.










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