Kitten Sitting 101

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How do we introduce kitty house guests to our own cats, so that everyone is happy and has fun? Cat butler, foster care volunteer and video creator Doug Brown shows us how it’s done!

Doug and his wife Sharon recently hosted a pair of kittens they had previously fostered for VOKRA, while their petparents went away on a trip. Dixie and Jack were kept separate from Thunder, Monkey and Panther when they were being fostered, but got to interact with the resident cats during their time as houseguests.

Doug writes in his introduction to the video at YouTube:

Our 3 boys handled the whole experience of having Dixie & Jack stay with us so well we are thinking we might be able to foster VOKRA kittens inside our house again!

Even though Jack was hissing at our boys at first (listen closely at 1:06 in the video and you’ll hear one) he eventually settled down and everyone got along famously, especially Mr. Hissy Fit himself, Panther.

Dixie & Jack were delightful company, they purred at us and our 3 boys most of the time and we are looking forward to doing more kitten sitting in the future.

Class dismissed!



Video by self-described cat butler  Doug Brown, aka DrNworb. (click here to go to Doug’s cat video channel at YouTube).

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