Kitten Rescued from Ceiling

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Andy and Libby
Photo via Arizona Humane Society at Facebook


A little kitten trapped in a ceiling for days is safe and well after being rescued today.

Arizona Humane Society Emergency Animal Medical Technician Andy Gallo came out to the Pyle Adult Recreation Center, a public facility in Tempe, after Center employees called for help. The employees had heard little meows for days but couldn’t locate the kitten and finally sought outside help.

The AHS tech had to cut a hole in the ceiling, locate the kitten and pull her out to safety. The tiny girl wasn’t hurt, but was hungry, thirsty and weighed only about a pound.

No one knows how the kitten got up into the ceiling, so the hole will be repaired with a trap door in case other animals end up in the ceiling and in need of rescue.

The kitten is being called Libby. She was transferred into foster care and will be available for adoption when she is big enough and can be spayed.

Andy describes the rescue as this: “Best, most destructive, most rewarding and hardest rescue to date.”


Photos / Arizona Humane Society


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