Kitten Rescued by Firefighters is Adopted by Police Officer’s Family

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A kitten rescued by firefighters when he was found injured on a busy road was adopted from the shelter by a police officer’s family, who took him to visit his rescuers as they thanked them for saving him.

The Valley Regional Fire Authority, headquartered in Auburn Washington and serving the communities of Algona, Auburn, Pacific & KC Fire District 3, shared Loki’s story.

Team Effort Saves Loki aka “Speed Bump” the Kitten

November 14, 2013- We often see firefighters and police officers working together to save lives on our roadways. On September 18 this scenario was repeated, but with one major difference: the patient in need of rescue was not human, but feline. A tiny, tiger-striped kitten was lying in the roadway, injured and unable to move.

Valley Regional Fire Authority firefighters were returning from a training exercise when they spotted the kitten in a turn lane on a busy road way in Auburn. Captain Kevin Morehart and Firefighters Megan Louden and Daris Conrad circled back with the fire engine and safely positioned it to block the traffic from further injuring the kitten. Conrad then scooped up the kitten and the crew quickly transported him to Auburn Veterinary Hospital for treatment.

Little did they know their “patient” would be visiting them back at Fire Station 31 in a few short weeks.

After he was treated and stabilized at Auburn Veterinary Hospital, the kitten was taken to the Auburn Valley Humane Society for mending, recovery, neutering and eventually adoption.

One Saturday in October, Auburn Police Detective Aaron Williams and his family visited the humane society looking for a kitten to add to their household. After looking at all their options, they chose the gray bundle of fur that had previously been rescued by firefighters. He would later be named Loki, after the Norse God of Mischief and from the Indo-European root “leug,” meaning “to break.” A family friend suggested “Speed Bump” as a middle name and thus the kitten became “Loki Speed Bump Williams.”

After learning the kitten’s story, the family brought him back to meet the firefighters who had rescued him. The Williams children presented firefighters with pictures they had drawn to thank them and took a few photos at the fire station.

“It was great to see the kitten recovered and happy with his new family,” said Firefighter Conrad.“We were hoping for the best, but didn’t think we would ever hear the outcome.”

Loki’s injuries appeared to have healed completely and he has fit right in at the Williams household. He spends most of his days either chasing the kids or being carried around by them. The Williams family is grateful to everyone involved in Loki’s rescue and rehabilitation.

“Our family is thankful that the VRFA firefighters took the time to stop and help Loki, thankful that the Auburn Veterinary Hospital was generous enough to fix Loki’s broken foot and grateful to the Auburn Valley Humane Society for caring for Loki and making the adoption process easy and enjoyable,” said Williams.

“We love our Loki and are so thankful to VRFA for saving him!” added Williams later at Facebook.



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