Kitten is Doing Well After Being Thrown from Car

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A kitten in Columbia, TN is on the mend after being thrown from a car last Wednesday. Eva’s Eden cat shelter and The Veterinary Wellness Center of Columbia are caring for the kitten, and Columbia Animal Control is investigating the case.

Widespread local attention to the kitten’s story has helped bring in donations for the kitten’s medical care and there have been several offers to adopt him when he is ready.

The kitten was treated for an abscess and needed a tail amputation. He is friendly and trusting despite his ordeal and is doing well.

Eva’s Eden writes:

“Does anyone know this little kitten? We responded to an emergency call on Thursday from Maury County Animal Control about this baby, who had been thrown from a car on Wednesday night. He’s in bad shape, and there is evidence that in addition to being thrown from the car, he has been suffering abuse for some time. They pulled gravel out of his little face from being thrown from the moving vehicle, a dead part of his tail has already been clipped off, and he needs to have the remainder of it removed next week after the horrible abscess at the base of his tail heals. It looks as though the skin on his tail has been ripped off, and the doctor suspects he was attacked either by a dog or another larger animal because of the infection.

“We want justice for this little one, and want to ensure there aren’t any additional kittens or litter mates suffering at the hands of who did this. The person who picked him up off the highway and brought him into the shelter said that several cars stopped after he was thrown from the car somewhere on Highway 31 at approximately 6:00 p.m. last Wednesday night. We’re hoping someone who stopped saw the car, knows the person, or even got a license plate number. Anyone who has any information is encouraged to call City of Columbia Animal Control at (931) 375-1408.

“Donations to help for his care can be made directly to Veterinary Wellness Center of Columbia at 931-548-2523 or by donating via our PayPal link. This little one is super affectionate and eager for attention, but he has been through it. Please help us prevent this from happening to anyone else.”


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Several local news outfits did stories on the kitten. Here is the report from WSMV Channel 4:

WSMV Channel 4

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