Justice for Mama Petition Needs Signatures

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Hume Hamilton was found guilty of allowing a pit bull dog to maul a Mama the cat in a trial at the Broward County, FL Courthouse on October 10. The case made headlines in Florida, and with the greater community of animal lovers, from the time of the June 24 incident, which was captured on surveillance video.

Hamilton is seen on the video  slowly walking the dog up the driveway of Brandy Bail Bonds in Fort Lauderdale, where Mama the cat was lounging on the front step of her family’s business. The man and dog go out of frame, then reappear with the cat clenched in the dog’s jaws. Hamilton seemingly struggles too remove the cat, even stepping roughly on her stomach twice. The mauling is seen until the man and dog disappear behind a bush. A passerby runs up and takes the cat away, then Hamilton runs off with the dog. Mama was left to die from her injuries.

Mama’s family, the Spaths, were horrified and heartbroken, and wanted justice for the cat their children had grown up with. They released the video in hopes of finding the man and dog, and reported the crime. Hamilton, a distinctive looking white haired older man, was identified from the video and was questioned by police and arrested.

Hamilton gave differing accounts to police, saying at different times that he just meant to tease the cat by allowing the dog to frighten it, as he had done in other instances, and that he was pulled up the driveway by the dog and he was unable to control the situation. Police and prosecutors noted what viewers of the video can see; Hamilton walks the dog up the driveway, the dog does not pull him.

Hamilton was found guilty in a jury trial after two ours of deliberation. He has remained in jail since July, due to a separate assault charge and a probation violation. The Spath family said they were pleased with the guilty verdict. The family and local feline advocacy organization Undercats4Life are calling for justice in sentencing and are trying to get 10,000 signatures on a petition calling for the maximum sentence allowed under the law, which is five years of jail time. Sentencing is expected in early November, so signatures need to be made before then. Currently, the petition has only 2,616 signatures. Those promotion the petition are asking animal lovers to sign and share the petition.

To sign the Justice For Mama petition asking for the maximum sentence, click HERE.

We have viewed the surveillance camera footage but chose not to include it here, in deference to some viewers. You can watch the surveillance video at YouTube by clicking HERE. Be warned; it is graphic.

WSVN channel 7 broadcast this wrapup on the trial.


A tribute video made by Undercats4Life for the Spath family.


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  1. Anyone that does this to an animal deserves the maximum allowed and not allowed to have an animal when out!

  2. This man is obviously lying. The man was not being pulled by the dog. He is sick and needs to be behind bars!

  3. This is yet ANOTHER example of WHY cats should ALWAYS be INDOOR Only!

    I hope the mofo who did this gets his karma while in prison !!

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