June is Adopt A Cat Month

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June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat-Month. Those of us who cannot adopt more cats right now can help in other ways.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) released this video today for Adopt A Cat Month


Vet Depot produced a pet overpopulation infographic poster and listed a few ways to participate in Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month:

•Adopt a Shelter Cat: Obviously, choosing to adopt a new furry companion instead of purchasing one helps cut down on the number of homeless animals in shelters. However, potential pet parents should think through this decision carefully and make sure they’re prepared to take on this responsibility for the entirety of the animal’s life.

•Spay or Neuter: Not only does “fixing” an animal help prevent overpopulation, it can also prevent certain health problems including testicular cancer and Pyometra, cut down on behavioral issues, and save owners the expense of taking care of a litter. There are also many low-cost spay/neuter clinics available across the country for families with tight budgets.

•Volunteer: Giving the gift of time is a great way to support Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month. Local shelters and rescues rely on dedicated volunteers to assist them in caring for animals in need. (Vet Depot does not specifically mention this, but fostering cats and kittens for your local shelter or rescue group is one of the most important and most needed ways you can help. )

•Donate: Shelters and rescues are continuously in need of donations. Monetary donations are usually welcomed, as well as pet supplies like flea control products, pet food, and even common household items such as used towels. Potential donors should check with their local shelter for a list of specific items needed.

•Educate: Even those that aren’t in a position to adopt an animal themselves can help by spreading the word about pet overpopulation. Share the importance of spaying and neutering with friends and family by passing along VetDepot’s Pet Overpopulation Infographic.

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