Jack the Blind Cat Enjoys His New Life

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Jack is a blind kitten who inspires everyone with his joy for life. Jack was brought to Almost Home Adoptions for rescued cats in Westminster, Colorado, along with his litter mates. Three of the four have vision issues. Most likely a virus was the cause of the varying degrees of eye problems and blindness in the sibling group. Because they were strays, the virus went untreated and caused this damage.

Jack and Morgan had successful surgeries! Jack had both eyes removed last week, and Morgan had one eye removed. The veterinarians believe it is best for their long-term health to have them removed. Please send positive energy, love and prayers to them and to their foster mom as they begin the recovery process.

All four of these kittens have a zest for life which is truly inspirational.

They have been fostered by Becky Berndt.

Meet Jack in this sweet video:


Jack and Squirrel


Bubbles and Morgan



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  1. My cat Hope, who is a rescue also, had the same situation. She had both eyes removed 5 years ago and lives a full, happy and secure life. Jack is beautiful too as are his littermates.

  2. Hi, iam a Denver native that has always had kitten and dog rescues, especially from MaxFund. I love what you are doing because I am trying to do it now where I live in Mexico. You can’t imagine the number of strays in our town, Melaque.
    I have recently published a book about my blind cat Mango, if you are interested it is available on Amazon.com Mango the Magnificent.
    I will be back in August, would love to brainstorm.
    My heart is in helping these wondrous creatures.
    Best wishes- Debra

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